Our clients come from many different backgrounds across the industry spectrum, including: construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail sales, entertainment, real estate development, medicine, closely held and family businesses, and high-net-worth individuals.

Tax Preparation, Planning & Compliance

Tax compliance is a constant, and unfortunately, an increasingly complex part of life for individuals and businesses alike. As your tax advisors, we will not only ensure that you correctly navigate the murky waters of the tax code, but we will also do our best to get you to your most favorable tax outcomes.

We believe this starts with having a clear plan going into the tax year. Our team’s proactive approach to tax planning will ensure that there will be no unwelcome surprises when the filing deadline rolls around. We also realize that our clients have lives and businesses outside of the world of tax, and will do our best to craft a tax strategy that best fits all of your priorities.

Our tax services include:

  • Tax return preparation and compliance for individuals and all entity types.
  • Tax planning and minimization advise for individuals and their businesses.
  • Estate and gift tax return preparation, compliance and planning.
  • Sales and property tax preparation.
  • Assistance with IRS and state agency examinations and notices.

Business Management & Personal Advisory

We want all of our clients to be successful in whatever they are doing, and in all facets of their lives, and because of this, we take a keen interest in the decisions and problems our clients face outside of tax season.

Whether it is help with day-to-day accounting issues, QuickBooks help and tutorials, or the big life decisions like retirement planning and business sales or purchases, we will be there to help you succeed.

Our business management and personal advisory services include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning and investment consultation
  • Business entity analysis, selection, and start-up
  • Business growth and optimization consultation
  • Business valuation and sales/purchases consultation and analysis
  • Controller-for-hire services including: accounting system implementation, financial statement and performance analysis, and general accounting and QuickBooks help.

Please give us a call because we’ll be happy to discuss our services in greater detail. Chances are we can help.

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